Taylor Swift has become a global beauty icon with her ever-improving beauty

Taylor Swift, an American singer and songwriter, is admired not only for her musical talent but also for her stunning appearance. Her gorgeous and luxurious figure makes women around the world jealous.

Taylor Swift looks ravishing even without makeup. Recently, she shared skin care tips and exercise secrets with the hope that more women can have the same outstanding appearance as her.

1. How does Taylor Swift keep her lipstick from smudging?

Taylor Swift absolutely loves red lipstick. That’s also how she ‘attracted’ the paparazzi. At performances, on the beach, on the red carpet and even when going out with friends, Taylor Swift always wears red lipstick. She applied lipstick in an unusual way: apply just one layer, then blot her lips with a tissue and repeat again. This helps her ensure that the lipstick doesn’t get smeared on her teeth.

Taylor Swift đam mê son màu đỏ.

2. Apply cat eye for perfect makeup

Taylor Swift likes to wear cat eye makeup when appearing in public. One time, she revealed that she couldn’t do perfect eye makeup without liquid primer. Taylor Swift suggests that girls should apply the eyeliner at the right angle from the lower lash line looking up to get the perfect eyeliner line.

Also, you need to draw a thin line and try to draw your eyeliner close to your lashes. Taylor Swift avoids using eyeliner to draw eyeliner and does not encourage girls to do this. Instead, she uses liquid primer which is easier and more effective.

3. Taylor Swift ‘says no’ to many hair products

Taylor Swift avoids using any hair products because she doesn’t want to ruin her amazing natural locks. Taylor Swift’s curly hairstyles are what you might be looking for.

Taylor Swift only curls her naturally curly hair during shows using a conair ceramic instant heat spiral styler. She said that she has never dyed her hair to avoid chemical damage. She will gracefully braid her hair to one side when she is in a bad mood.

Cô bảo vệ mái tóc bằng cách tránh sử dụng quả nhiều sản phẩm.

4. Eyeshadow synchronized with the overall look

Taylor Swift uses earthy or neutral eyeshadow with a touch of matte eyeshadow for a deeper look. In addition, she also has a quite dark eyebrow pencil to increase the depth of her eyes.

Taylor Swift favors silver shimmer eyeshadow, bronze eyeshadow, or even red at shows and awards shows. She often matches her eyeshadow with the color of her dress or simply wears a smoky eye.

5. Taylor Swift learns from her mother’s makeup experience

Taylor Swift expressed that she is very grateful to her mother for giving her makeup advice. She ensures that her hair and makeup make her look like a better version of herself.

Cô được mẹ ruột tư vấn các sản phẩm làm đẹp.

6. Experience many new hairstyles

Taylor Swift is very lucky to be blessed with perfect natural hair. She is always remembered for her graceful curly hairstyles. But aside from soft curls, Taylor Swift looks really attractive in a variety of hairstyles from long bob, wild straight, shoulder-length wavy hair and many more. So, Taylor Swift simply loves to experiment with new cutting techniques and hairstyles.

Taylor Swift sở hữu mái tóc đẹp tự nhiên.

Taylor Swift has naturally beautiful hair.

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