Take a Peek Inside Kim Kardashian’s Lavish Malibu Mansion $70 Million

On a recent episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, Kim Kardashian gave fans a tour of her stunning Malibu beach house worth a whopping $70 million. Purchased in September, the 42-year-old reality star’s new pad is nestled in Malibu’s ‘billionaire’s beach’ area, home to other celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Neil Diamond, just to name a few. The house was listed by Coldwell Banker Realty agent Jade Mills, and fans can catch a glimpse of it in the photos. During the tour with her sister Khloe, Kim revealed her plans to turn her mansion into an ultimate party venue for her friends and family.

Kim revealed that one of her lifelong dreams was to own a home in Malibu, which she finally achieved. She even cried tears of joy on the beach after the deal was finalized. Despite needing refurbishment and remodeling, Kim is content with her massive purchase. Interestingly, this news came right after she was upset by her ex Kanye West’s controversial anti-Semitic remarks.

Kim's new home: Kim Kardashian took fans inside her massive $70 million Malibu beach home on this week's episode of Hulu's The Kardashians

Purchased: The 42-year-old reality star purchased the home in September on what's known as Malibu's 'billionaire's beach'

There are famous neighbors such as Cindy Crawford , Leonardo DiCaprio , singer Neil Diamond, television producer Marcy Carsey, and former Disney CEO Michael Eisner

Kim and Khloe: Towards the end of this week's episode, Kim took her sister Khloe to check out the new home, revealing she had plans on utilizing the mansion as an ultimate party pad for her friends and family

In her personal confession, Kim expresses her desire to have a fun-filled day with Khloe without any negative thoughts bothering them. She reveals that she has fulfilled her long-standing dream of owning a house in Malibu, which feels like an unbelievable accomplishment to her. It is a proud moment for Kim as she had once considered this goal unattainable.

Confession: ¿So I bought a house in Malibu and this has been a dream of mine forever. It¿s just one of those like pinch-me moments where I can¿t believe I like achieved a goal that I really didn¿t really think was realistic,¿ Kim says in confession

As the sisters explore the new house, Khloe expresses her admiration for Kim’s Malibu home during a confession, calling it a “little oasis” situated on a beautiful piece of land right by the beach. Kim then takes Khloe inside and starts giving her a tour, trying to help her see her vision for the place. The two head downstairs, where Kim surprises Khloe by opening the windows herself, prompting Khloe to remark that Kim is doing “manual labor.” Kim responds by admitting that she thought the windows were operated by some kind of automated system.

Oasis: The siblings check out the new home, as Khloe says in confession, ¿Kim¿s Malibu house is so beautiful. It¿s literally a little oasis. It¿s a huge piece of land and she¿s right on the beach'

The magnificent view of the oceanfront is something that both Khloe and Kim relish. Khloe describes it as breathtaking, stating that it appears like an artwork. However, Kim interrupts her and leads her back indoors, informing her that they intend to set up a large TV in the room while still retaining the tiny fireplace. Kim further explains that the house will also serve as a party venue, which confuses Khloe.

Confused: Kim takes Khloe back inside, telling her, ¿so like they¿re doing like a big TV there, keeping the little fireplace and having this be like a tiny little TV room,¿ adding, ¿this is also gonna be like a party house,¿ which confuses Khloe

Khloe points out that the house is meant for both parties and kids, to which Kim agrees but emphasizes the need to balance the two. Khloe then suggests that they should have a Disney-inspired theme for the house, both during the day and at night. Kim admits that owning a house in Malibu is a dream come true, but people often assume that it’s a normal thing for them. In reality, it was a significant achievement, and she recalls standing on the beach with tears of joy streaming down her face, realizing what she had accomplished.

Memories: Kim adds in confession, ¿This house is going to be the craziest memories for all of my kids, all of my nieces and nephews'

Stunning: Khloe looked very happy for her sister

Khloe and Kim are discussing their new house, which Khloe refers to as “your escape.” She advises Kim not to tell her kids about it. Kim agrees, saying that the house will create wonderful memories for her children and nieces and nephews. Khloe jokes that they don’t need a playroom when they have the beach. Kim sees the house as a representation of her hard work and is excited to create new memories there. She shows Khloe the beach area and talks about future barbecues and summers spent with family. Khloe admires Kim’s big heart and looks forward to making lasting memories together. Ultimately, they both agree that memories are the most important thing in life.

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