Sunshine Swim: A Bold Plunge by J-Lo in a Yellow Bikini

Geronimo! Jennifer Lopez does a cannonball jump into her hotel pool in Miami, Florida, today

With a leap reminiscent of Geronimo, Jennifer Lopez dove gracefully into the inviting pool at her luxurious hotel in the sunny city of Miami, Florida, creating a wave of excitement among onlookers.

In at the deep end: The former American Idol judge makes impact with the water...

Jumping in without hesitation, the former American Idol judge makes a big impact as they hit the water…

Action woman: Lopez made a big splash after leaping in

Influential lady: Lopez made waves with her fearless entry into the spotlight.

My go! Lopez's daughter Emme also made a leap of faith herself

Emme, the courageous daughter of singer Jennifer Lopez, fearlessly followed in her mother’s footsteps and made a bold choice of her own.

In deep: Lopez was quickly joined by her daughter Emme, who clung to her mother in the pool

Lopez immersed herself in the water, with her daughter Emme by her side, clutching onto her closely as they swam in the pool together.

Playing stepdad: Casper Smart carries four-year-old Emme on his shoulders

Taking on the role of a paternal figure: Casper Smart gives four-year-old Emme a ride on his back.



Get prepared: Emme appears to have a good relationship with her mother’s new significant other.

Balancing act: J-Lo's daughter showed some of the same aptitude for co-ordination as her talented mother

Balancing act: J-Lo's daughter showed some of the same aptitude for co-ordination as her talented mother

Discovering equilibrium: There are hints that J-Lo’s daughter has taken after her mother in the area of coordination, displaying comparable abilities in this aspect.

Water baby: The daughter of Lopez and her previous husband Marc Anthony seemed confident in the water

Lopez’s daughter with Marc Anthony, Little Aquarius, showed a natural affinity and confidence in the water.

Twins: Maximilian and his sister Emme enjoyed some down time with their mother before her final shows

Max and Emme, twins, enjoyed some chill time with their mom before she finished up her final shows.

Settling in: Casper threw a birthday party for J-Lo in July, which apparently went down a treat

Getting cozy: Casper threw a fantastic birthday celebration for J-Lo back in July, and it was a smashing success!

Relaxing: The Out of Sight actress has just two more shows to perform on the last leg of her tour

The talented actress from Out of Sight is wrapping up her tour with just a few more shows left for fans to enjoy before it comes to an end. Don’t miss the chance to see her live on stage!

The one-year mark: Jennifer and Casper have been dating for about a year

Jennifer and Casper have been a couple for a year now.

Hooray! Lopez claps as she watches her kids play in the pool, and Casper makes his way to the water

Lopez beams with joy as she observes her kids gleefully playing in the pool, with Casper eagerly joining in on the aquatic fun.

Good times: Emme, J-Lo and Casper hopped under the shade of an umbrella while in the pool

Having a blast: Emme, Jennifer Lopez, and Casper decided to take cover from the sun by lounging under a massive umbrella as they had a great time in the pool.

That's better! J-Lo was obviously relishing the opportunity for a dip after her flight into Miami

Looking much better now! It was evident that J-Lo couldn’t wait to unwind by the pool as soon as she got to Miami.

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