Miley Cyrus’s angelic childhood photos caused a storm on the internet

A set of extremely adorable photos of Miley Cyrus as a child attracted the attention of netizens

Young and rebellious Miley Cyrus today

Before becoming the rebellious Miley Cyrus of today, she was an adorable little girl named Destiny Hope Cyrus.

The girl is often called by the nickname “Smiley Miley” because her bright smile makes people around her want to smile too.


Miley had chubby cheeks and adorable blue eyes when she was a child

Miley Cyrus’ baby pictures were suddenly shared a lot on social networks, making fans admire Miley’s angelic beauty back then.

The girl is loved by many people because of her cute smile

Possessing sparkling blue eyes and a bright mouth, Miley still retains her beauty since childhood.

From a young age, Miley was extremely beautiful

Many people consider her to be as beautiful as an angel

Miley became famous after participating in the movie Hannah Montana released by Disney, which received warm support from the audience. She has also been known as a Disney angel since then.


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