Katy Perry’s Fun Behind-the-Scenes Moments During the Filming of “Roar” Music Video

1. “On Set Shenanigans: Katy Perry’s Playful Antics During ‘Roar’ MV Shoot”
– Join Katy Perry behind the scenes of her “Roar” music video shoot, where she brings her trademark humor and energy to the set.
– From playful pranks to impromptu dance-offs, discover the lighter side of Katy Perry as she brings her hit song to life in a fun-filled atmosphere.

2. “Laughing Out Loud: Katy Perry’s Hilarious Bloopers from the ‘Roar’ Music Video”
– Delve into the blooper reel of Katy Perry’s “Roar” music video shoot, where laughter abounds and mishaps turn into memorable moments.
– Watch as Katy Perry navigates unexpected challenges with grace and humor, proving that even behind the scenes, she’s the life of the party.

3. “Behind Closed Doors: Katy Perry’s Candid Moments on the Set of ‘Roar'”
– Peek behind the curtain and witness Katy Perry’s candid moments between takes during the filming of her iconic “Roar” music video.
– From candid conversations with the crew to spontaneous sing-alongs, get an intimate glimpse into Katy Perry’s world as she unleashes her inner wildcat on set.

4. “Unleashing the Fun: Katy Perry’s Behind-the-Scenes Antics on the ‘Roar’ MV Set”
– Step into Katy Perry’s world as she unleashes her playful side behind the scenes of the “Roar” music video shoot.
– From goofing around with props to striking silly poses, Katy Perry proves that even when the cameras aren’t rolling, the fun never stops.

5. “Behind-the-Scenes Bliss: Katy Perry’s Joyful Moments During the Making of ‘Roar'”
– Experience the joy and camaraderie that permeated the set of Katy Perry’s “Roar” music video as she shares lighthearted moments with her crew.
– Through laughter and smiles, Katy Perry creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere on set, turning every moment into a cherished memory.

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