Kim Kardashian’s Fun Mommy-Daughter Moment After Posting S.е.x.y Snaps


On Saturday night, Kim Kardashian made an appearance on her daughter’s TikTok video. The reality star was featuredaongside her eldest daughter, North West, in a video where they pretended to make horse sounds. Kim opened her mouth to mimic the sound, but instead of a neigh, a whinnying sound came out, causing laughter from both mother and daughter. Before sharing the video, Kim posted some sultry pictures on Instagram. In the TikTok video, Kim wore a white cropped tank top and purple sweatpants while North opted for a Strawberry Shortcake t-shirt paired with pink jeans and a big dazzling belt. On Instagram, Kim shared multiple photos showcasing her impressive physique while wearing the same white tank top from the TikTok with North.

Trends: The mother-daughter duo joined a trend of the app where a sound is played and one person makes fun of the other as if they were making a horse sound

The mother and daughter teamed up to participate in a popular trend on the app. The trend involves playing a sound and one person imitating a horse while the other pokes fun at them.

Laughs: The nine-year-old tricked her mom into screaming to make it look like Kim neighed like a horse

Giggles: The little girl, who was only nine years old, played a prank on her mother by convincing her to scream so that it appeared as though Kim was making horse noises.

Nice and sporty: the 42-year-old and her daughter share a TikTok account

The article describes a TikTok account that is shared by a 42-year-old woman and her daughter. The woman is described as “nice and sporty,” and she is shown in multiple photos flaunting her muscular stomach and voluptuous chest. Her long hair is also prominently featured in the photos. The woman’s makeup is described as being perfectly done, with pink eye shadow and lip gloss. The caption for the post is “From me to you.” The woman’s daughter, who is nine years old, also posts videos on the TikTok account, often alone or with her siblings. In the past, she has posted videos impersonating her father, Kanye West, and showcasing her VFX makeup skills.

Beauty queen: Earlier today, the SKIMS founder donned the same white tank top from her TikTok with North and paired it with high-waisted white spandex in sultry Instagram photos

Earlier today, the renowned SKIMS founder was seen sporting a white tank top that she previously wore in her TikTok video with her daughter North. She paired it up with high-waisted white spandex and posted sultry pictures on her Instagram.

Stunning: She kept her long hair loose and played with it in several photos

Absolutely gorgeous: In multiple photos, she left her lengthy locks flowing freely and even toyed with them for added effect.

Kisses: The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star had her makeup done perfectly and included pink eyeshadow and pink lip gloss

Smooches: The well-known personality from Keeping Up With the Kardashians had flawlessly done makeup, highlighting her beautiful pink eyeshadow and shiny pink lip gloss.

Showing Off: The beauty posted the photos to her Instagram shortly before North posted the TikTok

Exhibiting: The gorgeous lady shared some pictures on her Instagram, just moments before North uploaded a TikTok video. The latest clip on their social media handle featured North assisting her younger siblings, namely Chicago and Psalm, in making delicious chocolate milkshakes. North played the part of an escort while holding the cups for her younger sister, Chicago, and brother, Psalm, as they poured in almond milk and added various ingredients. The three of the four Kardashian/West siblings relished their shakes and enjoyed some quality sibling bonding time.

Kids: North shared a TikTok a few days ago where she helped her younger siblings make milkshakes

Recently, North posted a TikTok video wherein she assisted her younger siblings in creating tasty milkshakes. The kids seemed to have enjoyed the activity, and it’s heartwarming to see them bonding over kitchen tasks.

Siblings: She made them with Chicago, five, and Psalm, three, but their other sibling Saint, seven was missing from the video

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s children, Chicago (5) and Psalm (3), were caught on camera making yummy chocolate milkshakes together. However, their older sibling Saint (7) was not present in the video. The adorable clip started with Chicago and Psalm announcing their milkshake-making venture in unison. Towards the end, the siblings bid their viewers a sweet goodbye before North, the eldest of them all, took over the camera to capture her siblings savoring their drinks. It’s worth noting that Kim and Kanye are no longer together and finalized their divorce in November 2022.

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