Behind the Celebrity Glow: Scarlett Johansson Opens Up About Her Battle

The co-creator of Outset has revealed her personal secrets and techniques for taking care of her skin.

Byrdie’s The OutsetĀ© is a fascinating exploration of skincare routines and techniques that have proven effective for various individuals. The emphasis is not on quick fixes, but rather on the journey towards achieving healthy, beautiful skin. In their series, What I Put On My Face, they delve into the long-term habits, tips, and advice that have transformed the skin of celebrities, founders, and influencers. They do not shy away from sharing personal stories of failed experiments that everyone can relate to. Join us as we uncover tried-and-true methods for attaining radiant, gorgeous skin.

The beauty industry in 2023 is saturated with celebrity-owned brands, with new ones being introduced regularly. It’s not uncommon to roll your eyes at yet another one. However, Scarlett Johansson and Kate Foster have managed to create a brand, The Outset, that has received a positive response. In an industry that’s highly competitive and overloaded, this is quite an achievement. What sets The Outset apart from other celebrity brands is that it was inspired by Johansson’s own struggle with acne that lasted for years. She found the messaging and attitudes towards people with acne to be frustrating. The brand’s focus is on rebuilding the skin barrier rather than masking the symptoms of the problem. Their vegan formulas are clinically proven to be effective. Lastly, they aim to reduce waste by using refillable packaging and creating products that customers will use to the very end, rather than using them once and forgetting about them.

In light of the positive reviews they received in 2022, the brand has decided to broaden their reach by venturing into the traditional Nordstrom stores. Johansson couldn’t contain her enthusiasm for this collaboration since it allows customers to try out their products in person before making a purchase. To commemorate this significant achievement, Johansson shared her personal skincare routine with Byrdie. Below is an overview of Scarlett Johansson’s facial regimen.

Acne was a significant issue for me for quite some time. Growing up, I was told that the best way to deal with acne was by removing all of the oils from my skin. I was prescribed drying creams and recommended various detoxifiers like charcoal pills. Unfortunately, this approach did not work for me. Instead, it left me with irritated skin that never seemed to heal properly and was always breaking out. This cycle persisted well into my mid-twenties. I was afraid to try moisturizers on my skin, thinking they would only make my acne worse. However, one day I had a realization – “What if I tried something different?” That’s when I decided to change my skincare routine entirely. I began cleansing, prepping, moisturizing, and allowing my skin to heal on its own. To my delight, my skin started to repair itself within just a week! It was truly transformational, and I felt like an entirely new person. Reflecting on my experience, I now understand that I wasn’t aware of the importance of the skin barrier, and that was a significant factor in my struggles with acne. If only I had known earlier, I could have taken better care of my skin. Nevertheless, adopting a new skincare routine was a life-changing experience for me.

The Outset recently shared some helpful skincare tips that transformed their routine. They prefer using products that are gentle on sensitive skin and free from fragrances and comedogenic ingredients. Incorporating hyaluronic acid, squalane, and their botanical alternatives has been beneficial for them. After experiencing the frustration of using harsh and drying products, they switched to nourishing options. Acne can have a negative impact on one’s mood and cause depression, leading them to rely on concealer for coverage. Their morning and night routines consist of Micellar Cleanser, serum, boosting oil, moisturizer, scrub, and mask. They received valuable advice to avoid obsessing over pores by tossing away their 20x magnifying mirror. Their most-used product is the serum, and they always carry hippie balm and coconut oil in their bag. The Outset products are now available at Nordstrom stores and, where Nordy Club members can earn 5x points on qualifying beauty purchases. They regret using apricot scrub in their teenage years and have no intention of returning to it.

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