Ageless Elegance: Jennifer Lopez, 54, Radiates Confidence in Nude Lingerie, Embracing Her Curves with Flair

'It's so important to feel comfortable and empowered in the pieces that are closest to your skin, and this collection does just that... And as always it's absolutely gorgeous,' it was added

Making sure you feel self-assured and powerful in the clothes against your skin is essential, and this latest collection absolutely nails it. And not to mention, it’s absolutely breathtaking as usual.

JLo has been the brand ambassador for the company for two years

The new collection features six pieces crafted with the brand's signature ultralight microfiber

Over the last couple of years, JLo has been the face of the brand, serving as its ambassador. The brand’s newest collection features six exclusive items crafted from their signature ultralight microfiber material.

The campaign is all about 'empowerment,' the company shared

The campaign by the company was all about promoting empowerment. In a recent Amazon Live session, she talked about the significance of self-care and making sure to take some time for yourself. She handpicked a selection of brands owned by women for shoppers to check out, especially focusing on products that encourage self-care. Some of her favorites from the collection are the Ebanel 15 Pack Collagen Peptide Hydrating Face Masks for hydrating and revitalizing the skin, and the Glimmer Goddess Organic Whipped Body Butter for keeping the skin smooth and soft.

'Designed in Italy and hand-crafted by lingerie artisans, these lightweight undergarments redefine comfort and style for everyday wear,' said a press release

In a recent statement, it was revealed that these lightweight underwear sets are created in Italy and meticulously handcrafted by skilled lingerie artisans, with the goal of redefining comfort and style for everyday use. In a recent promotional campaign for the Italian brand Intimissimi, Jennifer Lopez showcased her incredible physique. The Bronx-born singer wore pieces from the Silky Intimates Collection, displaying her sleek hair in newly released photos. Lopez, who is currently in a relationship with Ben Affleck, praised the collection for its luxurious feel and durable fabric that fits the body like a second skin. Recognized for her preference for high-quality materials and cozy fits, the singer expressed her admiration for Intimissimi’s latest Silky Intimates collection, describing it as both timeless and opulent. Stressing the significance of feeling at ease and self-assured in the garments closest to our bodies, Lopez shared her excitement over the collection’s elegance and practicality.

Jennifer Lopez showed off her fantastic figure in a new campaign for Italian intimates and loungewear brand, Intimissimi

Jennifer Lopez showed off her incredible body in the most recent ad campaign for the popular Italian brand Intimissimi, featuring their cozy and stylish loungewear line.

The Bronx-born native had her hair back as she was seen in the Silky Intimates Collection

Sporting a ponytail, the Bronx native was seen rocking items from the chic Silky Intimates Collection.

'It feels like silk but is made of this incredibly durable fabric that molds to your body like a second skin,' said the wife of Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s partner raved about the luxurious yet durable quality of the new collection, comparing it to a second skin that molds to the body. Jennifer Lopez has represented the brand for two years, promoting their latest line of six pieces created with their ultra-light microfiber. The collection, crafted in Italy by lingerie experts, seeks to redefine comfort and style for everyday wear with a focus on empowerment. Directed by Riccardo Ruini and with contributions from Jacob Bixenman and Norman Jean Roy, the campaign featuring Lopez highlights the sophistication and opulence of the lingerie with visually stunning images. This comes after Lopez shared her newfound commitment to self-care, underscoring the significance of making time for oneself and endorsing brands she genuinely enjoys to uplift her female fans.

'I always look for quality fabrications and superior comfortable fit. Intimissimi's New Silky Intimates is a perfect collection - it's classic in style and the fabrics are luxe,' added Lopez

“I always look for top-notch materials and a comfy, flawless fit. The latest Silky Intimates line from Intimissimi is exactly what I’ve been after – it’s got a classic style and the fabrics are oh-so-luxurious,” Lopez commented. She also snagged the Celestial Silk Amethyst Face Roller to bring a spa-like vibe to her home routine, along with the Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep mask for a restful night’s sleep. The renowned singer, famous for songs like “Jenny From the Block,” is open about her uncomplicated skincare regimen. In a chat with’s Vogue Beauty Secrets, she stressed the importance of starting early with skincare. JLo Beauty reflects her belief in the power of nurturing healthy skin, noting that makeup can only go so far if the skin isn’t properly looked after. Lopez’s daily affirmations include self-love, joy, laughter, adventure, and love, as well as aspirations for success and prosperity.

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