Adorable Pictυres Show Dυa Lipa Playfυlly Channeling her Inner Cat on a Wooden Block

Dua Lipa is a diva full of fun and excitement. She often shares pictures from her fun time at home or work. The singer today took to Instagram and shared a series of pictures playing on a wooden plank as a cat does. Dua Lipa recently received the honor of Hitmaker of the Year from Variety for her song Cold Heart along with Elton John. The beautiful singer knows what the audience is craving, so she serves them best.

New Rules vocalist Dua took to Instagram and shared pictures wearing a black t-shirt paired with a tinted brown baggy jacket and black pants and brown knee-high boots rounded her look. The sleek, long braided ponytail, shimmery silver eyes with winged eyeliner, blushed cheeks, peach lipstick, and gold hoop earrings uplifted her stunning appearance. The diva posed on the wooden block in her house.

Dua made the audience wonder about how she got there and what if she fell. In the next picture, the singer flaunted her long braided ponytail. She looked gorgeous with all the makeup and expression. Dua is a drama queen, and these pictures say it all. Risking her life and taking pictures out of the box makes her so enthusiastic. In addition, she also emphasized her hairstyle for her fans. It is dangerous to go on a rooftop block and pose there.

Though it seems scary, Dua Lipa didn’t feel any fears. She looked bold, beautiful, and badass. The diva shared these pictures with the caption, “how did the kitten get stuck up a treeeeeeee ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ.” While many users also shared their opinion. A user wrote, “Dua if you fall from there I’m afraid I’d have to give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Even if it was purely unnecessary.” “I wonder how this cute kitty could get there,” said the other. The third wrote, “I wonder how this cute kitty could get there.”

What is your opinion about Dua Lipa’s fun time behaving like a kitten?

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